Our statements


The Atlanta Jewish Theatre Company is a non-profit performing arts organization which offers the Jewish community a wide range of quality theatrical experiences that range from the classics to new works. We seek to captivate audiences with Jewish stories that inspire compassion, evoke emotions, and demand conversation. We welcome both Ahavath Achim (AA) Synagogue members and not AA members.


The Atlanta Jewish Theatre Company seeks to build one of the leading Jewish theatre troupe in Atlanta by establishing long-term relationships with exceptional artists. We strive to provide actors, singers, writers, dancers with a safe environment to enhance their creative abilities and explore their talents, through the creation of live theatre. 


Artistic Excellence
We collaborate to create an atmosphere that empowers artists to do their finest work. Our rigorous standards reflect our commitment to excellence in every area of production. Members will each be expected to take roles in various facets of each season.

We aspire to work as a team. We respect our members time and resources by striving to meet deadlines.

We are committed to an environment that fosters inclusion and honesty, and reflects our Jewish community. We respect varied backgrounds and work and life experiences. 

Radical Hospitality
We will go above and beyond to make everyone who works with us feel welcomed, supported, and challenged to do their best work.

All great work is nurtured in an atmosphere of civility and mutual respect. We value physical safety and a supportive and fun work environment.

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